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Direct Deposit Request

You may elect to have your funds electronically deposited directly into your account via our electronic fund transfer (EFT) option. Selecting EFT will prevent lost, stolen or mail-delayed checks. It is safe and secure.

If you elect EFT as an alternative to receiving your check by mail, your payment will be deposited into your account on the 25th of each month, or the 1st banking day following the 25th. Your detail statement associated with the payment can be viewed in the secure section of this site. Simply log in to your account and select Check Summary Reports. You may also select to have your funds deposited electronically and have a copy of your check detail sent to you by mail.

To submit a request for electronic funds transfer (EFT), download and complete the electronic funds transfer form (PDF) and mail to:

California Resources Corporation
Attn: Land Administration

900 Old River Road
Bakersfield, CA 93311

You may fax a written request to: 866-802-0704

If you have questions regarding EFT, contact us at 1-855-272-5519 or e-mail crc@ownerrelationssupport.com.

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