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Name Change

Please provide the documentation as listed below.  Include your owner number or Social Security/Tax Identification number in your correspondence and send to:

California Resources Corporation
Attn: Land Administration
11109 River Run Blvd
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Or, you may fax your written request, and copies of appropriate documentation to:  661-621-6372


  • Marriage:  provide a copy of the marriage certificate
  • Divorce:  copy of divorce decree reinstating maiden name or other document affecting name change
  • Court proceedings:  copy of the court order


  • Corporate name change:  copy of certificate of name change including Tax ID
  • Name change as a result of a merger:  copy of merger including Tax ID

If you have questions regarding name change, contact us at 1-855-272-5519 or email Landadministration@crc.com.

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